Advanced Upholstery Ltd

"Advanced Service, Advanced Upholstery"

Company History

Brian has been a quailified auto marine upholsterer in Christchurch since 1991. On 22 February 2011 there was a major earthquake in Christchurch effecting the premises we were in. We relocated to Asburton, in mid Canterbury, and 18 months layer on 22 December 2012 we lost our Ashburton workshop in a fire, losing all of our equipment, and workshop premises. The fire was a big blow and we were reluctant to lease another workshop. We purchased a mobile truck and offered a mobile service over the next 12 months, as well as relocating (again!) from Ashburton to Race Course Hill in Darfield.

Our new home has 2ha of land and has plenty of room for your motorhome, car, boat etc. Our brand new workshop was constructed in early 2014 and is now fully functional.

We understand the passion of our customers. We pride ourselves on offering a quality service with an efficient turnaround.

Brian has a good eye for detail and concept. We have had many customers explain their idea, and they are amazed at the final product designed by Brian and the team.

Here at Advanced Upholstery we have established a clean, friendly and secure environment. We are happy to assist you in all your upholstery needs, from the cigarette burn in your backseat to a total redesign of your motor home.


Brian and Sue Stockdale